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Which city is known as the electronic capital of India?A KanpurB.DelhiC.BengaluruD.Madurai

In India, many cities are rich based on their GDP, thereby strengthening the economy of the country. Comprehensive development occurs in areas by integrating the physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructure. Many of the sectoral schemes of the Government converge in this goal, although the path is different. There is a strong complementarity between the AMRUT and Smart Cities Mission in achieving urban transformation.

major it hub of india is _________

The first reference to the name Nagpur is found in a 10th century copper-plate inscription discovered at Devali in the neighbouring Wardha district. The inscription is a record of grant of a village situated in the visaya of Nagpura-Nandivardhana during time of Rastrakuta king Krsna III in the Saka year 862 . Towards the end of major it hub of india is _________ third century King Vakataka dynasty, Vindhyasakti is known to have ruled the Nagpur region. In the 4th century Vakataka Dynasty ruled over the Nagpur region and surrounding areas and had good relations with the Gupta Empire. The Vakataka king Prithvisena I moved his capital to Nagardhan , located at 28 kilometres from Nagpur.

Which is the most populous city in India?

The Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has over 2500 Pharma companies and is home to few of the top pharma companies Viz. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Aurobindo pharmaceuticals, Mylan, Novartis, Nicholas Piramal, Divi Labs, NATCO Pharma, Gland Pharmaceuticals, etc. Several world renowned academic and research institutes and universities are based in Hyderabad, thus creating a vast pool of talent. It has a large number of super speciality hospitals well equipped for clinical trials of international standards, making it the ‘Health Capital of India’.

The French and the Dutch also arrived in the city with merchandising objectives. The place is also known as India’s western gateway because of its strategic position. People of many races from various places have come to Surat from the ancient times, because of which, the city has witnessed a blend of many traditions and cultures. Still today, Surat continues the same tradition as people from all around the country flock in for business and jobs. Surat has practically zero percent unemployment rate and jobs are easier to get here due to very fast development of various industries in and around Surat City.

Thus, it has the potential for huge growth as well as the capability to deliver highly productive jobs – leading to revenue generation. To address the challenge of job creation, the Skill India program aims to achieve its target of skilling/ up – skilling 400 million people by 2022. It aims to do this mainly by fostering private sector initiatives in skill development programs, and by providing them with the necessary funding. India should closely look into the development of the service industry, given the potential and need for sustained large scale investment. However, once the infrastructure is created, linkages to the rest of the economy provide significant multiplier effects.

Mumbai city is popularly known with various nicknames like ‘The Dream City’, ‘Land of Bollywood’, ‘Financial capital of India’ and much more. This city is marked for both i.e. commercial as well as entertainment capital of India. From street shopping, easy transport availability, pretty parks, serene marine drive to best nightlife, Mumbai is the perfect place to live and work in India. India is one of the beautiful countries in the world where you can find the perfect fusion of people with different cultures. Life in India can be joyful, colorful, difficult, stressful but never boring.

Being the capital of India, Delhi is one of the popular destinations for tourist. Previous year, the city was ranked at 7th position for the best place to live and work in India. The city has numerous historical monuments, malls, adventure parks, shopping area, eating points, garden and much more. It is one of the busy city in India and the largest commercial city in northern India.

According to National Association of Software and Service Companies , the Indian IT industry’s revenue touched US$ 227 billion in FY22, a 15.5% YoY growth. Increasing strategic alliance between domestic and international players to deliver solutions across the globe. In FY22, the top three Indian IT companies, TCS, Wipro and Infosys, are expected to offer 1.05 lakh job opportunities due to the increasing demand for talent and skill.

The above list is of the top 10 richest cities in India with each city having its own speciality. Experience the amazing nightlife, dwell in the amazing culture and history of the places on your next vacation. The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a light house to other aspiring cities. The Smart Cities Mission is meant to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart City, catalysing the creation of similar Smart Cities in various regions and parts of the country. Nagpur is the winter capital of the state of Maharashtra, a fast growing metropolis and third largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. With a population of 46,53,570 Nagpur Metropolitan Area is the 13th largest urban conglomeration in India.

Recent Investments in the service sector

From 1853 to 1861, the Nagpur Province became part of the Central Provinces and Berar and came under the administration of a commissioner under the British central government, with Nagpur as its capital. Tata group started the country’s first textile mill at Nagpur, formally known as Central India Spinning and Weaving Company Ltd. The company was popularly known as “Empress Mills” as it was inaugurated on 1 January 1877, the day queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India. Also, the crime ratios in Surat are very less and that’s why it is one of the safest places in India.

  • India is the topmost offshoring destination for IT companies across the world.
  • Nagpur is the winter capital of the state of Maharashtra, a fast growing metropolis and third largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune.
  • India is viewed by the rest of the world as having one of the largest Internet user bases and the cheapest Internet rates, with 76 crore citizens now having access to the internet.
  • According to Census 2011, almost 54.6% of the country’s workforce is engaged i…

Exports from the Indian IT industry stood at US$ 149 billion in FY21. Export of IT services has been the major contributor, accounting for more than 51% of total IT export . BPM and engineering and R&D (ER&D) and software products export accounted for 20.78% each to total IT exports during FY21. Kochi is situated on beach-side and it is one of the beautiful sea-side cities in India.

Nagardhan Fort , Ramtek :

Being an IT hub, the city is also well-known for its unique culture, passion for music, temples, beaches, and extreme hot weather. You can find a numbers of pubs and bars with outstanding music played on rock and metal. Chennai is considered to be the safest places to live and work due to being less crowded place when compared to other cities. The government introduced the STP Scheme, which is a 100% export-oriented scheme for the development and export of computer software, including export of professional services using communication links or physical media.

major it hub of india is _________

Various cultural activities such as dance, drama etc are also organized during the festival. The English rulers considered Nagpur as the centre of India and hence identified this point and constructed the Zero Mile Stone. Being at the center of the country, they also had a plan to make Nagpur the second capital city. One of the biggest meeting places in Nagpur city, Kasturchand Park is situated at about 1 km. It is the most popular place when it comes to holding big processions in the city.

Bengaluru is referred as the electronic capital of India because it plays the maximum role as the country’s leading information technology exporter. It is said to be one of India’s largest electronic/IT industrial parks, stretching over 800 acres (3.2 km²). Indian technological organisations like ISRO, Infosys, Wipro, Biocon and HAL have their headquarters in this silicon valley city.

Smart Cities Mission: A step towards Smart India

Now, you are familiar with all the beautiful places in India where you can settle down with your lovely family. Make a wise decision and live a healthy and joyful life while enjoying your work. Introduction During the year 1955, the Indian engineering sector was quite… According to Census 2011, almost 54.6% of the country’s workforce is engaged i… India has become the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake the UK to become the third-largest air passenger … INDIA FUTURE READY India is the topmost offshoring destination for IT companies across the world.

The city has solid historical background of Rajput story and offers stunning view of forts and palaces with a variety of shopping options. It is not that much crowded place and offers you sheer tranquil in the lap of nature. However, the city doesn’t offer good job opportunities and a stunning nightlife but, if you want to be just yourself and away from social life then Jaipur is the best option for you.